Curriculum and Graduation Requirements

Villanova operates on the semester system and students take seven courses each year. All classes meet a minimum of 4 times a week and the modified block system allows for one extended 80 minute period on most weeks. While at Villanova, students will complete a minimum of 28 units - 7 per year. Eighteen Advanced Placement or Honors courses are available to students.

The course of study includes the following requirements:

  • Religion 4 units
  • English 4 units
  • Mathematics 3 units (4 recommended)
  • Foreign Language 3 units (or completion of 3rd level) of the same language
  • Science 3 units (4 recommended)
  • Social Science 3 units
  • Fine Arts 1 unit
  • P.E. 0.5 units
  • Health 0.5 units
  • Electives 5 units
  • Community Service Meet yearly requirements

Although the curriculum is extremely rigorous, students view Villanova as a very friendly and engaging place. Students are exposed to traditional and emerging instructional practices in a technological environment. They are introduced to a community that supports active learning and personal responsibility in developing the skills to be a life-long learner.
• For more information on courses, please download the Course Catalog.