Feb 13th is Fat Friday Celebration Dinner and Golf Tournament.

Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday. That fact motivated the parents organizing the athletic fundraiser on Feb. 13th, the Fridaybefore Fat Tuesday, to name their event the Fat Friday Celebration Dinner and Golf Tournament!

Organizers promise that the Fat Friday Celebration Dinner and Golf Tournament will be fun and delicious! For those playing golf, registration starts at 9 am, and golfers will enjoy a Cajun muffaletta sandwich on the cart while playing.

The celebration dinner and raffle takes place in the afternoon featuring Mardi Gras food and powerful “Hurricane” cocktails, craft beer tasting, and more.

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The committee co-chairs are Cindy Frings (parent of Noah), Jim Roberts (parent of Mark) and Mike Donohue (parent of Joseph). They are a fun bunch. To get involved in planning join them January 20th 6 pm in the Soule Park Club House Restaurant. For more information contact Jim at Jim@caldh.com; Cindy at studio84@west.net. Or development@villanovaprep.org.