Language, Culture, Global awareness—the mission of Villanova’s Language Department is to provide quality education in both modern and classical languages, respect for other cultures and nations, as well as a deeper understanding of how we as individuals communicate with one another and how we fit into a global community. Our language courses in Spanish, Japanese, and Latin provide unique opportunities for students to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking the language with resources, such as our language lab. We feel that the best students are ones who are constantly challenged and we strive to provide opportunities for learning and personal growth. Whether it is an interest in culture, preparation for college, or international travel, our language program helps students pursue their educational or professional goals by focusing on both grammar and cultural approaches to their individual language.

    Learning a language can be both exciting and insightful. At Villanova, we emphasize both as we strive to bring our students to a language proficiency that will better prepare them for active participation within our global community.