All of our students take religion courses during their time at Villanova. Our religion courses offer broad opportunities for students to engage actively with their peers on the fundamental questions of human existence. With adult guidance and spiritual mentoring, students deal with real life issues in through small group discussions and activities, field trips, or projects correlated with the religion curriculum.

    GRADE 09

    Freshmen will transition from a variety of public and private schools. Religion 9 welcomes and introduces the students to a learning community based on Roman Catholic beliefs, moral principles, and spiritual practices. Biblical studies follow and focus on the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures).

    GRADE 10

    Sophomores continue their biblical studies in Religion 10 with New Testament followed by study of prayer, worship, and the sacraments of Roman Catholics and other Christians. Tenth grade includes a field trip to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles.

    GRADE 11

    Juniors are excited about being upperclassmen and celebrating their growth in leadership at a special mass for them and their families at the beginning of the second semester. Religion 11 stresses the importance of ethics, regardless of one’s cultural or religious background. Roman Catholic moral teachings and a commitment to social justice provide the framework for very practical applications in the student’s present and future life.

    GRADE 12

    Seniors find the Religion 12 course a means to consider the spiritual and psychological developmental tasks in their transition to young adulthood. Journaling, group discussions, and peer teaching provide strategies for growing in self-knowledge and self-confidence. In their final months at Villanova, students pursue their interests in the World Religions course before they leave the school as socially and globally aware persons educated in Christian values.