• Leadership Academy


    June 28 - July 26, 2018

    The Villanova Summer Leadership Academy offers a unique program for rising 7th, 8th, and 9th-grade students. Through 4 weeks of classes, activities, and excursions, students will be exposed to the many facets of being an Augustinian leader who values truth, unity, and love.

     Students choose one of two academic pathways for morning study:

    Humanities, which includes Comprehension & Analysis, American Leadership, Communications, and the Arts. These interdisciplinary courses prepare students to understand concrete and abstract ideas that are important to secondary education, including justice, narrative, the scientific method, truth, and discovery. Students explore and gain a better understanding of classical Western education.*

    SSAT Prep, which focuses on the critical reading and math tested on the SSAT. Reading content includes analysis of fiction and nonfiction texts in literature, science, social studies, humanities, and the arts. Students spend time developing skills in problem-solving and decision-making, perception and memory, communication and reasoning, and reading and building vocabulary. Additional skills are built in writing and responding to essay prompts similar to those found on the Upper Level SSAT.*

    In the afternoon, students in both pathways will be exposed to a leadership curriculum incorporating team building, skills development, self exploration, and interactive activities. They will then explore the elective areas of Technology/Computer Science, Dance and Music, and Poetry and Performing Arts. The students will rotate each week in these classes and then have one week where they choose which they would like to explore further. Then activities begin! Students will be exposed to areas of art, science, water activities, sports, and outdoor skills.  

    From their exposure to these subject areas throughout the day and interactions with other students who are on the same journey, students will emerge more confident, patient, engaged, and excited to continue their academic pursuits in high school.

    *For English learners, these programs run in an 'immersion' style, where support is provided for students who are looking to improve their English skills in addition to the leadership program. Whenever possible, students' roommates do not speak their same language.