Villanova is the perfect blend of two education worlds: Catholic and boarding. Both have proven, time and again, the lasting merits of each model.  Boarding schools have always been at the forefront of student success, mainly because of the 'round-the-clock learning that occurs when you live where you learn. With a student population that is more motivated than any other school environment, teachers who live on campus and often host homework around the dinner table, and many more facets unique to the boarding model, it is no wonder this environment fosters students who thrive.

    “For most of the families we serve, Catholic schools represent the best option for a quality education.”

    - Denise Martin, Executive Director of the Catholic Education Foundation

    "Boarding school alumni advance more quickly in their careers and are more philanthropic."

    - The Truth about Boarding School, TABS


    Unity is one of our Core Values at Villanova, but unity is only possible when diverse parts come together as one. With this in mind, Villanova intentionally seeks to build our community into a diverse whole, with a broad representation of cultures, geography, and religions. Our mission "... is to graduate mature young adults of diverse backgrounds..."

    One of the primary ways we do this is to prioritize access, attaining socioeconomic diversity in our student body. We are committed to enrolling exceptional students, regardless of financial status. For the 2020-2021 school year, 51% of Villanova's students received over $1.8 million in need-based tuition assistance. 

    If you think your child has the potential that a Villanova education could unlock, but feel tuition is out of reach, we urge you to apply for financial assistance. At Villanova, we live by The Villanova Promise: With a family's priority to invest in education, together we can make it happen.


For the 2020-2021 school year, 51% of Villanova's students received need-based tuition assistance.