Villanova Preparatory School is committed to enrolling outstanding and qualified applicants regardless of their families’ financial circumstances. We strive to meet the demonstrated need for each student we enroll.  Villanova actively seeks students with academic promise and a range of talents, skills and interests and we believe that financial status shouldn’t stop the student from attending.  

    Villanova uses the online analysis system of School and Student Services (SSS) to assess need. The school defines “need” as the difference between the total cost of attendance at Villanova and a family’s ability to pay that cost. The need assessment is based upon a comprehensive set of factors including income and family expenses, assets and liabilities, family size, cost of living and the number of children for whom a family must pay tuition. 

    If you are uncertain about your eligibility for aid or have questions about the process, we urge you to contact the Admission office at (805)-646-1464.

    Following the submission of a financial aid application, Nancy Ventura, the Director of Financial Affairs, meets individually with each family who has been accepted to Villanova and has requested financial aid.  This meeting helps us to understand each family's unique situation when assessing financial need and determining financial aid.  




    Will applying for Financial Aid affect the Admissions decision?

    Financial Aid Applications and Student Applications are separate.  Because of our Financial Aid budget and school size, we may not be able to offer the amount of financial aid needed by a family, however we will work with each applicant and their family to the best of our abilities. 

    Can we apply for financial aid after going to Villanova for a year or two?

    If your family’s financial situation has changed significantly, then yes, we encourage you to apply for aid.

    How much aid will my family receive?

    We expect each of our families to do all they reasonably can to provide for their students' education--financial aid makes up the difference between cost of education and what the family can reasonably spend.

    Does Villanova offer Merit Scholarships?

    YES!  Students who score in the 90th percentile or higher on the HSPT or SSAT are able to gain Merit Scholarships and we also have a list of Augustinian Scholarships that we offer here.

    What should I do if my financial situation is very complicated?

    Do your best to present your situation on both the SSS application and the Villanova family budget.   Over the years, we have seen all types of complicated financial situations.  The individual family financial aid meeting will provide an opportunity for clarification of any areas we do not fully understand.