All head and assistant coaches at Villanova Preparatory School are mandated to attend a Play Like a Champion training seminar before they coach at our school. Here is an overview of the Play Like a Champion model from a parent's perspective.

    Parent Focus: Be Positive this Sport Season

    At the beginning of a new sports year, we want to remind sports parents to be involved in a positive and constructive way in your child’s sports. All of our children can become champions in sport and in life. We, as sports parents, can be CHAMPIONS as well in our attitude and approach to high school sports.

    This year can have a positive (or negative) impact on your child's development. Remember what you say and do during the game, in the car on the way to and from the game, to the coach, to referees, at home affects how your child takes in the experience of his/her team.

    High school sports are about physical skill growth, character development and learning the value of teamwork. Parents, coaches, and administrators should work together to be on the same page for the benefit of the athletes. Remember everyone has roles in the sports environment: Coaches are there to give instruction, build motivation, and teach virtue to every child on the team.

    Parents should love and encourage their children to have fun on the playing field and to model respectful behavior to coaches, opponents, and officials. Officials hold an essential role as keepers of the integrity of the game. Help your child:

    • Set achievable GOALS for the season and a plan to reach those goals.
    • Build positive RELATIONSHIPS with your child’s coach and teammates the other team parents, opponents and officials.
    • Allow your child OWNERSHIP over his/her play. Sports are for the kids, not the adults.
    • Keep WINNING in the proper perspective. It is exhilarating to win, but when it becomes the only goal in sport, our focus is much too narrow.
    COMMUNICATE positively with your child and his or her coach so you all have the same goals in mind for the season.

    Following these simple guidelines can help to make this a great year for you and your child in sports.

     You can be a Champion Sports Parent TODAY!

    Our wishes for a terrific 2016-2017 sports year from Play Like a Champion!