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    Engaging, individualized academic support for every student is what has built Villanova's reputation of academic success as a school. Our students are coached and supported to their best. To oversee our resident students' academic progress in and out of the classroom, two fully-credentialed teachers are available Sunday-Thursday from 3:00 pm-9:00 pm. Daily faculty office hours and nightly Study Hall give resident students ample opportunity to obtain additional help. Our resident faculty provide study supervision, assist with tutoring, and encourage strong study habits among our resident students.  They also track students' grades and communicate with teachers and counseling staff, producing plans to help struggling students achieve academic success. Our Residential Academic Faculty are available for parents who wish to inquire about academic progress beyond the information provided regularly by the school on Plus Portals.

    Specifically for our students who require additional English language instruction, Villanova Prep offers English Immersion with Support (EIS) and English Language Development (ELD) programs for students who have knowledge of the language and have scored within a certain range on the TOEFL. Academic advisors will assist with placement of students into these specialized classes. Students enrolled in EIS or ELD also complete the required courses for their grade of study. 

    Additionally, an English as a Second Language (ESL) program is offered, designed to fully support students who have lower TOEFL scores and require more individualized and specialized English learning opportunities. The ESL program is a school-year program that will prepare international students for high school success and eventual college placement in the United States. New faculty have been added to the Villanova team to support this program’s growth. The Villanova Prep ESL Program will provide concentrated English courses that focus on developing reading, writing, speaking, listening, and comprehension skills for our students. In addition, students will take American History, Science, Introduction to Religion, and an elective course. Successful completion of an ESL year at Villanova allows a student to enroll at Villanova the following year.