Villanova will open with online learning
  • Resident Student Arrival

    • Check In:
      • Screening Questions:
        • Have you or anyone in your household had any of the following symptoms in the last 21 days: sore throat, cough, chills, body aches for unknown reasons, shortness of breath for unknown reasons, loss of smell, loss of taste, fever at or greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit?
        • Do you have any reason to believe you or anyone in your household has been exposed to or acquired COVID-19?
      • Do you have a negative COVID test?
      • Do you have your wellness check? 
      • Did you bring masks?
    • Temperature Check
    • Collect all information and prescriptions
    • Student and Parent review and agree: Villanova Social Distancing must be followed at all times.
    • Permit student and one parent / family representative to enter the dorm and assist with room unpacking
    • Parent / family representative should minimize time on campus. 


    Villanova Social Distancing Protocol

    • Must wear a face covering at all times indoors
    • Handshakes and other forms of physical contact are prohibited.
    • Maintain social distance of minimum 6 feet at all times.
    • Avoid Direct Contact completely, as defined by CDC (10+ minute conversation without masks and less than six feet of distance)
    • Follow the traffic flow direction of the hallways, if in place.
    • Hallways are for active movement only. Conversations and congregating should only take place outside or in larger designated indoor spaces, such as the recreation room, resource center, and dining hall. 
    • Face coverings may only be removed when:
      • In personal dorm room with door closed
      • Eating/bathing
      • Outside and at least 15 feet apart from all other people
    • Follow posted protocol for Gym, Weight Rooms, Pool and other common areas established by Ventura Department of Health. 
    • Personal Devices should 
      • be disinfected regularly
      • Never be visible in a restroom (does not leave the pocket)
      • Not be used during a meal
    • Students may not enter any dormitory room that is not their own.


    If a student is presumed positive with COVID-19

    • Student is isolated from the general residential population.
    • Contact will be made to Ventura County public health / doctor to assess.
    • Contact Tracing identifies all potential direct contacts.
    • Student is permitted to remain in isolation on campus pending test results or doctor’s order.
    • Communication will be sent to the school community.
    • If confirmed positive:
      • Parents will be required to arrange care and/or transportation from campus.
      • Parents may opt to purchase a care plan through AmeriStudent. 
    • Direct Contacts will 
      • be taken to a nearby testing location immediately
        • Transportation will be coordinated by the nurse
      • be quarantined within their dormitory room
      • have designated restroom 
      • Have parents notified
      • Have meals brought to their dorm room door.


    Dining Hall Procedures

    • All food and drinks will be served by the dining room staff.  There will be no self service options in the dining room
    • Students and staff will enter from the exterior door (near the Art Room), follow a single direction path while maintaining an appropriate social distance from others, and exit into the Cantwell hallway.
    • All people entering the dining room must wear a face covering.  No one will be permitted to enter without a face covering.
    • All food and drinks must be consumed outside of the dining room.  
    • Students and staff can only enter the dining room and kitchen area during designated meal times.  


    Dorm Restroom Procedures

    • If possible, avoid using the bathroom while another person is inside. 
    • Keep at least six feet of distance between you and other people at all times.
    • Only use every other toilet, shower, and sink. In other words, leave an empty toilet, shower, or sink between you and the next person.
    • Wear a mask at all times except when brushing teeth or showering.
    • Avoid touching surfaces you do not need to touch.
    • Wash hands thoroughly when you are finished.
    • Use a paper towel to flush the toilet, turn the sink on and off, and open the door.
    • Wipe down any surfaces you touch (toilet handle, sink, shower, light switch, door handle, etc.) with a disinfecting wipe. Place the disinfecting wipe in the trash.


    Common Areas (Recreation Room, Resource Center, etc)

    • Villanova Social Distancing Protocol must be followed in all common areas
    • Shared items must be sanitized after use, such as a computer, printer, copier, pen, book, microwave, tv remote, etc. Disinfectants will be provided in all common areas for sanitization.
  • COVID-19 Safety Plan for In-Person Instruction:

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