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    About 620 years before the birth of Christ, the Lord spoke to a young Jeremiah “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you” But as we know, Jeremiah famously responded with fear and trepidation to this call saying that he was too young.  The Lord disagreed with Jeremiah and answered “Do not say I am too young…Do not be afraid of them for I am with you…See! I place my words in your mouth!”

    The Mission of the Signed and Anointed to Witness retreat is to echo these words of God to a new generation of Jeremiahs.  As God called David, Samuel, Mary, Aloysius Gonzaga, Bernadette, Therese of Lisieux, Francisco, and Jacinta in their youth to be His witnesses, He continues to call young people today to witness to a world still in need of the hope offered to us through God’s mercy and goodness.

    The retreat does this by:

    • Accompanying newly confirmed young people in their mystagogy and equipping them with necessary tools as they uncover what it means to fully participate in the sacramental mysteries of the Church, namely that:
      • They have been anointed and thus empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring others to the Lord through the witness of their lives.
      • That having now received the fullness of Christian Initiation, they now have a greater share in carrying out the evangelical mission of the Church and are thus called to take on leadership roles so that they can better participate in and contribute to the life of their home parishes and the greater church.
    • Fostering in young people the awareness that they are a part of larger Catholic family and encourage them to develop new friendships with their peers from different parishes.
    • Showing young people that they are seen, heard, and are cared for by the Catholic community through the mentorship and accompaniment of adult & older peer leaders and through offering of a memorable experience that speaks to their unique needs in their stage of development.
    • To build up and strengthen the bonds of the Catholic family by bringing together in a unique week-long experience young people, adult youth ministry leaders, and priests from different parishes, where they can form new friendships, work together, and share in their personal gifts and talents.
    • SAW is a week-long overnight retreat held on the campus of Villanova Preparatory School in Ojai.  



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