Father John Glynn O.S.A.

    Although there have been many Augustinian priests who have served in various roles at Villanova Prep over the course of 97 years, no one has had a greater impact on the life of Villanova students and the success of the school more than Fr. John Glynn, OSA. Fr. Glynn served in many roles at Villanova, most notably as the school’s Headmaster from 1960-1965 and then from 1975-1979, as well as a Latin teacher and chaplain until the early 2000s.

    He embodied the spirit of Catholic Augustinian education through the love and devotion he exemplified in his faith, his genuine care and concern for the students, and his dedication to the success of Villanova Prep as a school that develops the mind, heart, and body of every student. Any alumnus who attended Villanova Prep will remember his kind smile, his wonderful sense of humor, and his delightful spirit. He truly cared for his “duckos” (his affectionate name for the students) and would annually write Christmas cards to all of the graduates of Villanova.

    Fr. Glynn continues to be remembered at Villanova through:

    • the annual Fr. John F. Glynn Christian Conduct Award, given annually to a senior who “embodies the teachings of St. Augustine by building community while promoting charity, Christian service, and justice among the Villanova students, faculty, and staff”.
    • Glynn Hall, a building designed by architect Kenneth Hess in the 1960s that serves as the girls’ dormitory. 



    It is through this scholarship that the legacy of Fr. John Glynn continues to have an impact. He saw the need for Villanova Prep to serve the needs of the local Catholic community by providing an outstanding educational opportunity for students that were seeking a well-rounded, Christ-centered education in the Augustinian tradition. He found ways to make it possible, and we hope to do the same. We hope to continue his vision by increasing the endowment of the Fr. John Glynn, OSA, Scholarship so as to continue his legacy to ensure qualified and deserving students have the opportunity to attend Villanova Prep. With the support of the Augustinian Foundation, the memory of Fr. Glynn will have an impact on a new generation of “duckos”. 

    Please consider donating a gift today to the Fr. John Glynn Scholarship Fund to help students with tuition assistance.