• Alumni Career Days

    Villanova's Alumni and Development Department has launched a monthly Virtual Career Day for current students led by successful Villanova alumni to educate them about potential career paths.

    Our career days speaker program has returned for the 2021-2022 academic year, check out our upcoming speakers!


    Upcoming Speakers:

    Happy holidays and good luck to our students on finals! We will return the speaker series again in 2022!



    Past Speakers:

    Richard Hurley


    November 16, 2021 - Richard Hurley '05

    We are excited to announce our last career speaker of 2021, set for next Tuesday - Mr. Richard Hurley ‘05. Mr. Hurley works for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (yes, that NASA). 

    He is responsible for overseeing the integrated master schedule of a satellite launch. His role is vital because if one of the many concurrent projects of the program falls behind, the entire launch date could be delayed. Additionally, he tracks progress and evaluates the entire project's value. His current project is called “SunRISE” (Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment). 

    To read more about Mr. Hurley and the projects he’s working on, click here




    Michael WilsonNovember 9, 2021 - Michael Wilson '59

    We are excited to have Mr. Michael Wilson ‘59 join us on Nov. 9, the format will be an interview followed by a Q&A session. Mr. Wilson is a film and theatre producer, screenwriter and international photography collector-expert. He is well-known through his work as a producer and writer for the James Bond movie series.

    Click here to read Mr. Wilson’s full bio, including his work in independent films, Broadway and as a Fellow of the Science Museum in London. 






    Celia PalermoNovember 2, 2021 - Celia Palermo '13, "From the Stands to the Sidelines: Turning Sports into a Career"

    We are excited to announce our next career speaker, Celia Palermo from the class of 2013. Ms. Palermo will join us via Zoom on Tuesday, November 2 and will share with the student body about her work in sports broadcasting. Currently, she covers sports news for the University of Iowa, Iowa State, and Illinois athletics, PGA Tour golf, hockey, minor league baseball, and local sports.

    To read her full biography, click here.






    Matt LaVere

    April 2021 - Matt LaVere '97, "My Journey from VPS to Ventura County Supervisor"

    Please join us for our first career talk of the new school year on Oct. 14 at 9:20 a.m. at the grotto led by Matt LaVere ‘97, who currently serves on the Board of Supervisors, representing District 1 (which covers San Buenaventura, Montalvo, Saticoy, Ojai Valley, City of Ojai, Upper Ojai Valley, Riverpark, Northwest Oxnard, and North Coast).

    To read Matts’s full bio, click here







    April 2021 - Andrea Maahs '98, "Getting into Game Design."

    Andrea Maahs (Roland) was born and raised in Ojai and graduated from Villanova’s class of 1998. She holds a degree in Game Development from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and presently lives in Henderson, Nevada with her husband Geoff and four cats. She has worked on both mobile games and skill-based slot machine games in Unity and considers herself an able Photoshop Monkey. Her present hobbies include streaming video games as a Twitch Affiliate and making any sort of craft she can get her hands on.






    March 2021 - Jessica Landon '00, "Building the Career of Your Dreams."

    Jessica Landon (Class of '00) currently serves as a Construction Project Director at Cordoba Corporation where she oversees projects for East Los Angeles College. 

    During her fifteen year career in construction, Jessica has held almost every role on a construction team, and she has worked on some of the largest public works projects in the State, including the LAX Runway 7L/25R Replacement and New Central Taxiway Project. 

    Jessica received her Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BCE) degree from the Catholic University of America in 2004, and is a Certified Construction Manager (CCM). To read her full bio, click here.

    Rob Taylor

    February 2021 - Rob Taylor '86, "Don't be afraid to take bets - They'll all work out in the end."

    Rob Taylor ‘86 is currently Head of Partnerships and Alliances for a division of Google Cloud, which rents computer infrastructure to companies around the world.  Previously, Rob was the Vice President of Alliances at Apigee, a provider of API management software, which was purchased by Google in 2016.  Rob has held senior general management positions at no less than 8 technology and investment management firms during his 22 year career in Silicon Valley.

    Rob, like his twin brother Mike, attended UC Berkeley and majored in political economy. Rob received his MBA from the Harvard Business School in 1995.  Rob and his wife Gwen (Class of 1988) live in the Bay Area and have three kids.  Rob and Mike are still the best of friends and now can be seen regularly running through Huddart Park in Woodside, CA.


    John Fuller

    January 2021 - John Fuller '80, "Things I wish I knew back then that I know now, and wish someone would have told me."

    John Fuller (Class of '80) currently serves as the president and CEO of the famous Wahlburgers; the burger chain that was founded by celebrity brothers Paul, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg and got a publicity boost from a reality TV show of the same name.

    Before his move to Wahlburgers, John was president and CEO of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, based in Los Angeles, CA. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the world’s largest independent premium retailer of coffees and teas with approximately 1,200 locations in 30 countries.



    December 2020 - Dr. Monika Foster Martin '05, "An Unconventional Journey to Medicine"

    Monika Foster Martin (Class of ‘05) received her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2010. She attended the University of Southern California for medical school and graduated with her MD in 2015. She completed her pediatric residency at Harbor UCLA Medical Center, and is in her final year of her fellowship in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine at Harbor UCLA and Children’s Hospital Orange County. She and her family currently reside in Torrance, CA with their two dogs. Monika will be joining a private practice in Milwaukee, WI after graduation.


    Mike Taylor

     November 2020 - Mike Taylor '86, "Low Tech Roads into Hi Tech: How Villanova Prepared me for Tesla and Microsoft"

    Mike Taylor is currently Chief Financial Officer at GitHub, a sharing site for code: “Over 31 million people use GitHub to build amazing things together across 97+ million repositories.” Previously Mike was Vice President, Finance, Treasurer and in charge of New Markets for Tesla Motors. Mike was also CFO for Tropos Networks and Benchmark Capital, and Vice President for Finance at Micromuse.

    Mike attended UC Berkeley majoring in political economy from 1986 to 1990, and received his MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business in 1996. Mike also received his Juris Doctorate from Stanford University Law School in that same year. Mike and his wife Tammy live in the Bay Area, and have two sons currently attending university.




    October 2020 - Tara Hernandez '89, "Tech is for Anybody!"

    Tara Hernandez '89, is currently a senior engineering manager at Google. Tara is a specialist in software engineering infrastructure and was an early promoter of what came to be known as the Continuous Integration revolution. Prior to Google, she was the manager of the Netscape Release and DevTools team where she helped launch Mozilla.org and the newly open sourced browser as well as the corresponding developer tool stack: Bugzilla, Tinderbox, and Bonsai. Additionally, Tara is on the Technical Oversight Committee for the Continuous Delivery Foundation, is a member of the board for Women Who Code, and hosts the 'Women Who Code Radio' podcast.