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Villanova Celebrates Catholic Schools Week 2020

During the last week of January, our school celebrated Catholic Schools Week by honoring the parents, students, faculty, staff, and religious that make up our community. 

On Monday, students delivered some gifts and smiles to two retirement homes in the Ojai area which represents our outreach and service in the community.

On Tuesday, all of the students enjoyed their favorite lunch of enchiladas (as was voted upon by them) and were able to order ice cream from the Mr. Softee truck.

On Wednesday, we honored the dedicated religious members of the community at Mass for their service to Villanova.

On Thursday, VPS parents were greeted by Villanova staff members in the parking lot with cinnamon rolls and coffee as we thanked them for their support of our school.

On Friday, the parents generously hosted a luncheon to honor the dedicated faculty and staff of Villanova Prep. It was a wonderful week to celebrate the benefits and blessings of Catholic Education along with an opportunity to thank all who make it possible.