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Villanova Extends Online Classes until April 8

March 19, 2020

Dear Villanova Community,

It was announced yesterday that 13 residents in Ventura County have been positively diagnosed with COVID-19.   Agencies across the state and around the world have been facing a difficult challenge fighting the spread of this dangerous virus and there is significant concern by the Ventura County Office of Public Health that the number of cases will continue to increase in our area. 

Although the risk for contracting the virus remains low in Ventura County, we still need to be prudent and consider what is in the best interest of the health and safety of every member of our Villanova community. During this unprecedented time, we need to become partners with the schools and agencies in our county to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. Based on the most recent information presented by the Ventura County Office of Public Health and the current recommendation by the Ventura County Office of Education, Villanova will extend online classes until Wednesday, April 8.  From April 9-19, Villanova will be on Easter Break (as scheduled) and then resume on-campus classes on Monday, April 20. We are optimistic to resume on April 20 but will continue to follow the recommendations from local and state agencies and keep you updated via email and on our website

Students will continue with their online classes until April 8 and there will be no classes between April 9-19. Students are expected to attend live classes and turn in assignments by the established due dates and times. On school days, students should check their email and Google Classroom at 8:00am every morning and at 3:00pm every afternoon for information and assignments. It is highly recommended that students remain home, practice social distancing, and stay away from public gatherings during this time. 

If a student would like to receive counseling services, Mrs. Benson is available for online appointments. Please contact her via email at

The Villanova campus will remain closed to the public until Sunday, April 19. Resident students are welcome to remain on-campus throughout the Easter Break. Please contact our Director of Resident Life, Mr. Joshua Kruse, for more information about this opportunity.

We realize the impact this decision has on many families. Please note that local school districts are providing meals for all students 18 years of age and younger. (You may go to the VCOE website to find out more information about this option.) Parents will receive credit on their billing statements for the meals and bus service missed between March 16-April 8.
We hope that by working in solidarity with our local agencies and schools, we will help in the effort to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.  Let us continue to pray for those affected by COVID-19 as well as those who are caring for the sick and working to stop its spread. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us!

Brian Grisin
VPS Head of School