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Villanova Student Guidelines for Distance Learning

Villanova Student Guidelines for Distance Learning

General Guidelines

  1. Remember that distance learning is not a break from school.  You are expected to continue to actively participate in class and complete assignments.
  2. Try to create a distraction-free learning space for your online classes.  If possible, designate a space where you will work and treat this as your classroom.
  3. Remember to charge your iPad (or other devices) overnight and work near a power source to remain charged and ready for class.
  4. If you are in a timezone that prevents being present for a live class, you must watch the recorded class and provide the necessary responses by the equivalent time in your home country.  
  5. Do not share class links, codes, or passwords with any other individuals.


Video Class Etiquette 

  1. Be online and ready for class at the assigned time. For example, if the class begins at 10 am, make sure you are online and prepared before that time.
  2. Turn your camera on, show your face for video, and mute your microphone when you enter the classroom.  Please unmute as requested by the teacher.
  3. Make sure that you have an appropriate background.
  4. Be seated in an appropriate workspace. Working while lying in your bed is not appropriate for live video classes.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings and anything present in the surrounding environment that could distract yourself or one of your classmates.  
  6. Be mindful of your background lighting so that your video will be clearly displayed.
  7. Avoid eating while in your live class.  Breaks are built into the schedule to allow time for snacks and lunch.
  8. Treat each other with respect and demonstrate our core values of truth, unity, and love.  Being away from campus does not make it acceptable to demonstrate disrespect towards your classmates or teachers.
  9. If you need to step away from the class, your teacher may require you to leave a chat message when you step away and when you return.


Assignments, Homework, and Attendance

  1. You are expected to be present for any live class.  If you are not present for a live class, it will be counted as an unexcused absence and makeup work will not be permitted unless the absence is excused.  To excuse an absence in a live class, your parents/guardian needs to email Patty Berryman ( to clear the absence with the office.
  2. Homework and assignments are expected to be completed by the times posted by your teachers.  Teachers are not required to give full credit for assignments turned in past the posted deadlines.
  3. Academic honesty and plagiarism guidelines still apply during this period of distance learning.