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1st Week of School Highlights - August 28th, 2020

1st Week of School Highlights - August 28th, 2020

Wildcats always rise to the challenge. This was on full display as students, teachers, staff and families jumped right into an unprecedented 1st week of school. Despite all the new challenges, the Villanova family showed what makes this community so special through class bonding activities, engaging classwork and artistic creations, and most importantly by spreading love and support to each other in this difficult time. Here are some of the highlights from this week. 


Freshman Welcome Week

Every year the sophomores, juniors and seniors work together to throw a welcome week for the incoming freshmen. This helps the freshmen settle into their new home and meet new friends. This year was no different. The class of 2023, 2022, and most especially our senior class of 2021 did a tremendous job welcoming the class of 2024. There were Zoom activities every night for the freshman run by the Associated Student Body, including...

Pop Culture Trivia game



Freshman-Senior buddy photo collages


And specialty shirts made for each pair of freshman-senior buddies that the students picked up



A big thanks to Ms. Munoz for organizing all of these amazing events! 


Student Art and Poems

The students wasted no time jumping into their academic and artistic pursuits. In Ms. Hedrick’s 9th grade English class, students read the poem  “Flying Kites,” by Quincy Troupe and wrote their own poem in a similar style. Here is one by Walker Bradfield ‘24

The New World - Maybe someday the old one? 

Walker Bradfield


I used to know the speech of friends

the summers that never seemed to end

the lines to eat and swim in water

trav’ling to places with mother and father

I used to sit atop tree boughs 

I used to travel to see the snow

having no cover or distance needed

there used to be less cautions to be heeded


but now I talk with friends far away 

and bike or walk every other day

I can’t swim in a summer pool

or see distant family or friends at school

but social activities still slip through

with school now I’ll always know what to do

so while I’d rather talk in person

it certainly could be much worse 

I still go for some summer strides

I don’t truly miss long car rides

I don’t hate the quiet or the mellow

but I still can’t wait for the pandemic to be over


In Ms. Grant’s art class, students got their creative juices flowing with various projects. See the full works on the @vpsarts Instagram page


Parent Support

The Villanova parents played a huge role in spreading love and support to our Villanova faculty and staff. They made thank you signs, brought in gift bags, and sent incredibly kind notes and testimonials which made us proud to be part of the Villanova family.


A beautiful testimonial from Lisa Anderson:


A care package from the Crawford family:


Gifts for the teachers from the Thurston family:



And cupcakes from the Waltman family:


Thank you to all of our Villanova parents! We love you!


School Mass

Lastly, we concluded this great week in thanksgiving to God on the Feast of St. Augustine. We were able to hold out-door Mass for a few members of our community, while the rest watched via a live stream. 





Thanks be to God for our school and for a wonderful week! It’s going to be a great year!