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National Poetry Month

Stillness Within the Tide Pools

by Izabelle Aguirre ‘24


When I gracefully dove through the pacing wave, 

it chased after my tiny body, pulling me towards itself. 

The large moving body of water consumed me 

and gave me an embracing hug. 

The intense salty taste of sea water on my burnt red lips. 

The state fish swam to the rhythm of the current. 

I saw the shore from afar and swam towards it. 

The horizon poured its vibrant color in the abyss of the sky, 

and the continuous rooster crowed 

before the sun brightened the clouds in the sky. 

With their flustered feathers, the large wild chickens 

swiftly pecked at the macadamia nuts in the grass 

as sharks would swarm a vulnerable school of fish. 

The strong sun rays beat onto my skin with persistence 

through my thick layer of sunscreen. 

The heat, rain, and rainbows were unpredictable. 

Gulls flew on the backs of breezes. 

My favorite vibrant flower, Frangipanis, 

stood tall to reach for the sun’s beams on every green tree. 

The tangy smell of coconut and lychee 

made me lick the juice from the spoon. 

Customers from Matsumoto's Shaved Ice

ate on the side of the road with sweet condensed milk 

dripping over their fingers.

The community fulfilled me with energy. 

I always found myself being called back to the vast ocean. 

I was towering over various tidepools 

like palm trees over sand. 

The world surrounding me was hectic and tiring 

but staring into the calm tide pools, 

for a moment I was still, the world was still.

Immortal Mark

by Alexander Waltman ‘24


My Cathlolic education, written on my heart,

engraved like a loving message carved into a rough stone

There to stay forever,

its knowledge to bring me everlasting comfort

I see the crucifixes like guarding statues,

sitting on tables and hanging off walls

They are a reminder of God’s sacrifice of himself,

like a lamb to be slain for the good of others

A reminder of God’s love 

encompassing my life as a blanket comforts and gives warmth to a child

I let his loving hand influence my life,

like parent guiding their child as they take their first steps

It has left its immortal mark in my heart and on my life,

changing it all for the better

Serpents Waiting Outside 

by Ruby Arredondo ‘24


Outside, luminous weeds swayed their golden heads against blue sky, 

The humid, hot air full of vibrancy, life, explosion of light 

But there no such energy inside 

Like demon’s wings, shadows spread across the ceiling.

The tablecloth rough against our sweaty palms

 The filthy door opened, and she came in with a dead rat 

Snakes,” she said, and looked at us all

 With the hard eyes of someone who knows what they’re doing. 

The dead rat swayed in her hands, a flat, greasy grey, teeth long and yellow, 

It’s tail slipping down her wrists, like pink lines of blood

“There are snakes all over those fields.” 

Then, I heard armies of snakes, advancing and closing in

Rearing dangerous fangs, and slitted eyes 

“Are you giving it to the snakes? Did you—kill it?” 

“No, no, poison. These mice came from the fields and into our house. We’re just protecting our crops,” she said violently with a laugh, and a wave of her hands. 

“Wouldn’t you..have done the same?” 

The rat swung like a pendulum, back and forth, twisting in the silent air, 

The wind hissing through the fields, and there she stood 

confused and half smiling, captivated with death

The routine endless

No one breathed. The air was tense with something 

Gone terribly wrong

Wouldn’t you have done the same

To kill the mice in your house, than the snakes in your field spoke 

More louder than any pinched face, or hard slap

Life is very fragile, like a delicate glass vial

 Or leaves falling outside, savoring its short existence 

Alive one day 

And vanished the next 

And then I wondered 

What will it means for me 

If life is so readily taken 



Life Will Never Be What you Expect it to Be 



The Italian Aria that I no longer remember, 

The beautiful notes that never left my head. 

I was too young to know it at the time, 

But this is where my journey led. 

The dull little picture on the wall; 

Drained of any life that was ever there. 

Idolized for its mysterious smile, or grimace; 

No one can tell the difference, 

How superficial life can be. 

The grandpa I’ve never known, 

Whom I’ve only met once, 

You smile so kindly, as your black hair turns to grey, 

You look so happy, as if you know me, 

The father of my father. 

The beautiful black and brown horse, 

Whom I loved dearly. 

You pushed me when I was afraid, 

All the way to my first jump. 

BG, you left me too soon, I wasn’t ready. 

The first memory I have of singing my heart out on a stage, 

I was 6. 

When I first met my grandpa Morzak,

I was 10. 

When I first looked upon the dull painting on the wall, I was 11. 

When BG’s spirit left, 

I was 13. 

Life will never be what you expect it to be.

the feeling of euphoria

by Samantha Garcia ‘24


the roaring of a plane as it ascends into the night sky,

away from the city lights,

and breaking through the invisible barrier of cotton-candy like clouds

the feeling of freedom is overwhelming.

I can taste the hotel breakfast, the fluffy eggs, re-heated waffles, and sweet orange juice.

I can smell the chlorine of the pool, and feel the ocean saltwater tickling my nose.

I wince at the feeling of aloe vera being rubbed onto my sunburnt skin,

and smile at the sunset, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow, all painted perfectly together

there is something so comforting and warm about traveling,

you can be in places so unfamiliar yet feel so safe. 

swoosh! another red-eye flight taking off

now I am landing in between skyscrapers, all back to back and lit up like a sky full of stars

the chaos never sleeps, the subways are always running,

there is never silence, only bliss

I taste the dollar pizza, steaming hot, with melted cheese and a thin-crust

I am in awe of all the stores, the billboards, the monuments

everything feels so perfect.

then I am back home, a place of familiarity and comfort.

however, I will always carry with me, something only achieved by experience, 

the feeling of euphoria.

Home away from home

by Brooke Grigsby ‘24


In the many years I have been alive, there is one place that I can never get enough of. The wild vast neverending Montana skies that stretch for as far as the eye can see. The mountains that are so big with slopes that are so steep, when you reach the summit, you’re out of breath from the hike. But your breath is blown away by the stellar view from the peaks, and you feel so free as if you’re on top of the world. Seeing views like that never get old, there’s always something new every time a visit. I am overwhelmed with free spirit, the cool summer air is so peaceful and serene. I love to go in the summer, when the birds come alive, when the flowers bloom, and the animals that follow. As I will always remember that feeling of peacefulness and the quiet breeze that blows through the pines and aspen trees. I love to call this magical place full of beautiful sights, my home away from home.

The Dark Walk 

by Troy Perez ‘24


We walked across the dark forest; spooky dark trees loomed over us 

as we passed by.  The voice of our instructor would fade away just

like an old memory as I looked around the trees for any sight

of movement.  My eyes were peeled, the burned trees made it harder

to see, even with the bright moonlight.  The sweat running down

my forehead made me feel cold when the wind would gently pass my head. 

My heart pounded out of my chest; and then we heard it.  

The sudden breaking of a weak branch in the distance made me realize that we were 

both in danger. She pulled on my hand, hoping not to be scared by some 

psychopath we had been hearing about for the last fifteen minutes.  

I was blessed to have a gloved hand that night; it would have been too 

slippery to hold. My cold hand in her warm grasp, feeling all of the blood

stop flowing to my fingers; I knew what was to come, but it never left

my lips as I tried to warn her. It happened in an instant; the screams of twenty girls

around me rang in my ears like an alarm and hurt them for 

the rest of the night.  Tears flowed down her face just like Niagara Falls, and I 

was glad it was finally over. I went in pretending to be as courageous as 

a lion, but deep down, I knew I was at least close to a cowardly hyena. 

I still remember that cool spring night; 

the slight breeze, the full moon above me, the sounds of crickets and frogs 

filling the air with music, the smell of water from the nearby creek, the taste

of the miner’s lettuce that still sat on my tongue, and the warm hand that I took to show

my bravery.  I thought it would be a fun experience, but she begged to differ as 

we walked through that burned forest. 


I sit in silence

by Cinthya Parker Alvarez ‘24

Stepping outside of the car 

feeling the sun hit my face, 

feeling the breeze of the automatic doors at the airport 

Stepping in line,

checking my bags, 

getting my ticket...

I see my mom, 

my  grandma,

my aunt 

But why weren’t they getting their boarding passes? 

Why weren't they checking their bags?

I sat on a bench protesting about moving any further into the line of security 

“Come with me”, my father said

As I walk in silence, 

my head down,

I look back at my family and start to wail

I hear the sound of the machine approving my ticket to get on the plane,

I shed my last tear

I stepped on to the plane

with no sense of what was going to happen next

I sit in silence

The plane goes down just as quickly as it went up

I step out of the plane with no plans, 

no plans to move forward, 

no plans to walk,

no plans to speak

I sit in silence 

I have faced many challenges through my life

By Blake Edwards ‘24


I have faced many challenges through my life,

But none could compare to the challenge of quarantine.

It was advertised as a vacation, no responsibilities, or stress.

It used that lure as bait to ensnare me. 

My life, click by click, slowly consumed by the computer,
social life, schooling, hobbies, everything became digital.

 I couldn't think a single thought without hearing the humming of my computer. 

The little things I could do gave me an eerie sense of loneliness.

Parks, stores, restaurants, all gathering dust. 

A bustling city reduced to a ghost town. 

The few people I see are unrecognizable, their identity masked. 

Words muffled to a soft murmur.


Quarantine was a challenge

A challenge that gave me a sense of pride.

For I spoke loud for all to hear.

People became recognizable by just their glint in eyes above the masks.

Parks, stores, restaurants, all slowly opening like a blossom in spring.

New things to do gave me new opportunities.

The humming of my computer now is overpowered by the voices of friends.

Social life, schooling, hobbies, everything refreshed through a new perspective.

It was advertised as a vacation, a carefree break.

The vacation is slowly ending, along with these challenges in my life.

I have conquered the isolation of quarantine.


There I was in an intense battle 

By Braeden Callahan ‘24


There I was in an intense battle 

trying to overcome insurmountable boredom

The basketball bouncing aggressively

The shoes screeching like vultures with newfound prey

With my only hope to win being the game on my phone

Then my chances of success were foiled

When an idiotic child found it in his best interest to ruin my day

They managed to thwart me with a single sentence

“Hey what game is that?”

Little did I know, I had not lost a battle in that moment
For I had won, an infinite friendship

This moment will be stuck in my mind, like excalibur in a stone

A Turning Point 

By Aixa Rivera ‘24


Although it was December,

The air was sweltry and sticky.

Vibrant lights of all colors illuminated the streets.

I stood there in awe 

as I looked at the glistening glows they produced.

In the background, I could hear distant chatting amongst people

and the cheerful laughter of children.

It created a warm and friendly atmosphere.

I quickly continued licking my cooling, coconut popsicle 

as it had started to melt, leaving a sticky residue on my fingers.

Though at that moment, 

a small inconvenience such as that didn’t matter. 

I was too blissful to really even notice.

At that moment I was truly at peace. 

Enjoying every second before that dreaded deadline would arrive 

signaling it was time to end this dream of a trip. 


The First Day



Waking up to a pitch black room

Getting dressed to see my first proper school.

What felt like the longest car ride ever

Would soon be the most familiar car ride I’ve taken

The cold weather and gray skies

Only made my 5 year old self

Much more anxious.

Walking into a colorful room with a crowd of strangers talking,

Hearing languages just as unfamiliar as the people.

Giving my teacher the stereotypical 

Juicy, delicious, red apple as a gift.

The eucalyptus-scented diffuser in the classroom

Made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

As my mom slipped away and went back to her car,

I started conversing with other classmates.

Samuel, Luis, Sergio, and Sebastian,

Some of the people that would become my lifelong friends.

Hearing Spanish being properly spoken for the first time,

Knowing I would grow up and be able to speak it myself,

Was something truly unbelievable.

Within weeks, I was becoming more familiar with pronunciations

And in months, I could count and eventually speak the language.

The friendships became stronger,

And I felt more comfortable than ever before

It was truly a beautiful

First day


First Game

By Ethan Maldonado ‘24


The size of the court 

To my parents' support.

I am ready for the game

My opponent are going to get flame

To the sound of the sweech of the rim

All there faces look grimm

The basketballs smell of leather 

Great! Lost the ball keep it together


The games neck to neck 

My team need to put all hands on deck

Form the roar of the crowd,

To the last shot up in the clouds 

We Won, but there is no time to celebrate,

Next Game we need to recreate.


Dancing the Night Away

By Celeste Hurtado  ‘24


Having God and my parents by my side has been the biggest blessing of my life.

 I have thought about my quince for a really long time, 

when I was little I used to imagine how it was going to be,

 and what a princess I would be. 

Beauty isn’t what’s on the outside of a girl during her quince, 

but it’s having a good time, living in the moment, and appreciating who you are and who you have become throughout the years 

Listening to others complaining about your appearance is the worst of it all

But having this tradition should make all girls feel powerful

 because you are showing them who you have become without them

During the process, it has been exciting because you’re getting to feel the material of each dress and seeing the style you like and what you feel most comfortable in. And it is one of the best feelings to have in your heart, 

because you feel confident in the dress and you are showing others the tradition you have in your family that makes you who you are. 

The day of you’re quince you’re going to have butterflies in your stomach but it’s normal. Just know that it’s a one-time thing and just enjoy the sound of the music going on and all your worries will go away.


I Now Know

By Faith Currier  ‘24


You know those thoughts that run circles around your mind, 

telling you that you are not smart enough and that you are in the last place compared to everyone else.

I do, being in a math class that I had thought everyone else in that class was a million times smarter than me, those thoughts rushed my head like a gush of harsh, cold wind to a single leaf.

Waiting for my grade back on a test, I found that others around me didn’t do too well.

 I then started to doubt that I did any better.

That anxious feeling consumed me and I felt like I was falling down an endless staircase of my thoughts and doubt.

That all changed when I saw my grade.

I had gotten the highest score out of the whole class.

It felt like the thoughts that once stormed my head had cleared and now the warm and joyful rays of sun consuming me, finally breaking through the cold and rainy clouds.

Overwhelmed by excitement and pride, inhaling the refreshing breeze filled with the scent of grass, flowers, and the realization of how smart I can be. 

With a clear mind, I now know that I am in the first place.

Those thoughts that ran around my mind are now gone and I am proud and know I am enough.

Now knowing this I believe in myself and won’t stop myself and hold myself back from doing the best I can.


That Reaching Hand

By Mikhaila Aquino  ‘24


She used to get ready for hours, trying to earn others approval.

Looking into the mirror, she couldn’t even recognize herself. 

This made her feel like the whole world was falling apart

right into her shivering, cold hands. 

Her friends would just watch her.

Drowning, with bricks tied to her feet, they all would just stare. 

She was alone in a dark, ominous corner

with no tears left to cry.

After years, she finally felt a hand reach out for her. 

There were multiple, actually.

Confused, she took their hands.

Lifting her up from descending even further, they brought her up to the surface.

These people started to tender her and gain her trust.

As spring rolled in, the grass was greener and the sky was more blue.

For once, she had no worries.

Who knew that rough wounds could turn into healed scars just by a few people? 

The smoke and fires inside of her transferred into bright, shining beams of light. 

Her journey was long, but the light at the end of the tunnel made it worth every step.

Everyone has hope for happiness, even when it feels hard to reach. 


The Rainbow Bridge 

By Abby Raya  ‘24


The day I thought would never come, came

My parents returned from the vet without my dog in their arms

My stomach plummeted to the ground from the disbelief 

The sound of her little paws walking across the hardwood floor,

waking up to her cuddled right next to me, our many road trips 

with her laying beside me, our evening walks around the block,

our summer camping trips, her waiting for our return from school 

the long saturday mornings with her beside me, the many runs in

the yard, all the happy Christmas mornings with her by my side

These memories flooded my head like a tidal wave from the ocean

Everything suddenly became eerily quiet 

I knew these memories would no longer be reality

She was gone

The start of a friendship 

By Joaquin Rodriguez  ‘24


He jumped out of the cage and landed in my arms,

It was a dark night but his eyes were darker,

I could feel underneath his brown coarse fur, I could feel his tiny spine,

His little black tail moving back and forth, continuously hitting my leg,

His tiny razor sharp white teeth dug into my shirt as I began to play with him.

I knew that he was one,

I knew that this would be the start of a long friendship.

As time went on his coarse fur began to become shiny and smooth,

His tiny sharp teeth weren't so tiny anymore.

He began to mature and I began to realize what I had gotten myself into,

Nonetheless, he needs me and later in life I will need him.

Only time can tell how our friendship will turn out,

But I do know one thing for sure,

I will always have my arms open,

and hope that his now big fine fur body will still fit in my arms.