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Juniors Attend Kairos Retreat

This week the Junior Class completed their Kairos retreat, an incredibly impactful spiritual experience. Catholic high schools and colleges all over the world have participated in Kairos since its inception in 1944. Villanova hosted its first Kairos for the class of 2020, making this particular retreat Villanova Kairos II. The Juniors have been at the Serra Retreat center in Malibu all week, taking time to pray, reflect and bond with their class. 

The Kairos retreat is an essential part of the spiritual development program at Villanova. The students have had no access to the internet all week and, contrary to what one may expect, this detachment is often what the students say they enjoyed most about the retreat. It’s a great reminder for all of us to get away from our distractions to pay attention to the things that really matter.

The events of the retreat are kept relatively secret so that each student can experience the retreat without preconceived ideas and expectation. We pray that Kairos II was a meaningful experience for the class of 2022 that brought them closer to God, their families, and each other.