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Villanova Celebrates International Week


This week Villanova has been celebrating International Week. This is a longstanding Villanova tradition that is usually known as International Day, but this year we decided to extend it!  

Villanova prides itself on our international community. We currently have new and returning students from 17 different countries all over the world. International Week is a chance for us to celebrate this diversity that is an education unto itself. Every year students will represent the country of their heritage by preparing presentations, traditional dances and songs, and of course, sharing their country’s amazing cuisine. We’ve been enjoying delicious meals all week inspired by the Philippines, Japan, Mexico, and more to come. This morning students gave presentations on aspects of their cultures and performed songs and dances.

International Week is really a celebration of our core value of Unity, reminding us that though we are many, we are all one.


Jacob Pascua of the Filipino club as they describe the flag of the Philippines.


The Latino club doing a traditional Mexican dance.


Nelson Li of the Asian Cultural Association sharing Chinese cultural beliefs. 


Augustine Melger performs a Mexican folk song.

Villanova Folk Song

Mr. Bunce, Villanova Historian, regails the students with the history of International Day.

Mr. Bunce Villanova

Nurcse Abrena and Ms. Kruse in traditional Filipina dress. 

Nurse Abrena Villanova