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Bishop Robert Barron Visits Villanova Prep on All Saints Day

On Monday, we were truly blessed by the visit of His Excellency, Bishop Robert Barron to our campus. Besides overseeing the Santa Barbara region (which includes Ventura County), Bishop Barron is a nationally-recognized speaker, #1 Amazon bestselling author, religion correspondent for NBC News, producer of highly-acclaimed Catholic films that have been shown on both PBS and EWTN, host of numerous YouTube videos (that have been viewed over 50 million times), has over three million followers on Facebook, and is the founder of Word on Fire, one of the foremost digital media sites focused on evangelization and education. I am most impressed with how well he engages some of the top intellectuals in our society in conversation, including Dr. Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and William Lane Craig. A very impressive resume! It was a privilege to have him on our campus to speak with our students, answer their questions, and preside at the Solemnity Mass of All Saints. 

In his talk with our community, Bishop Barron reflected on the supreme virtue of love, a value that supersedes all other values that are expressed in our faith and in our society. In reflection on the celebration of All Saints, he states that we are called to walk the path of the saints, the path of holiness, and in order to do that, we need to walk the path of love. “Love means to will the good of the other [person]. That's our supreme value. How come? Because that's what God is. Our tradition says that God is love. It's not just one of God's attributes. It’s what God is. God wills the good of the other.” That is what we need to do, cast away empty signs of fulfillment, such as power, prestige, and financial success, and follow the Beatitudes in order to live a life that is truly happy and holy and follows our call by Christ to love one another. 

Bishop Barron visits Villanova Prep