December 4, 2019

December 4th

Today’s readings talk about the promise of eternal life that God has given to God’s followers. All we need to do is learn to accept the ways of God, and we will be invited to the Heavenly Banquet. But how exactly do we do that? What does it mean to walk the way of Jesus in 2019?

Advent, which literally means “beginning,” is a time to let us renew our commitment again. With anticipation and joy we wait for Christmas day. With that same kind of anticipation and joy God waits for us in the Kingdom. He sends Jesus to show us how to meet him there. It’s almost as if we have lost the map, so God sends us a guide. But Jesus is not your typical tour guide- rather than pointing out fascinating landmarks and giving us interesting facts about each of them, he leads an inner tour. He knows the depths of our souls, and helps us to uncover the hidden joy that is waiting to be found there. This joy springs from the fount that is God. God is the source of eternal life and everlasting joy. We may have to travel literal or metaphorical mountains at times to “find ourselves” and realize that at our core is a being who cries out in yearning to meet our God who is always reaching out to us in ways both big and small. Yet the journey that we embark upon helps us discover that God is always present, always at our side, beckoning us to God’s heavenly banquet, inviting us to the feast, and rejoicing with us when we hear God’s voice and respond “yes!” to God’s call.

Erica Papkee

Augustinian Volunteer 2016 - 2017


Isaiah 25: 6-10; Psalm 23; Matthew 15: 29-37