December 13, 2019

December 13rd

Today’s readings remind us of a few things: the cyclicality of Biblically historical breakthroughs, the grandeur of the prophet Elijah, and a proper examination of the nature of the human conscience. In order to define conscience in the self, humans must ask themselves who they serve. This is their identity, driven by the personal form of a universal God. Considering Elijah’s name (Eli: God, Yahweh: LORD), one understands immediately who this man serves, riding on the fiery chariot of life, as one does, of course. As Advent is the season of arrivals, leading us to rewind on critical accounts of our history, we understand that Christ has arrived once more as a being which comes from beyond the sun and not from within it. Now, as we await His coming, we strive to make the work of Christ easier, strengthening our family, friends, and communities in love and kinship, while remembering those who have played excellent roles in the formation of a proper Christendom, namely Elijah. Inspired, we pray:

Lord, Jesus Christ, from whom all rise and fall, rid me of my iniquities and purify my mind, soul, tongue, and spirit, as I await your coming today, tomorrow, and always. Allow me to be the lofty walls of your kingdom, King of Kings. Bring me beyond the sun, so that I might not be so vain. Relight the candle of my spirit and raise me to eternal life. Amen.

Christopher Gutierrez 

Class of 2021


Isaiah 48: 17-19; Psalm 1; Matthew 11: 16-19