Alumni Career Day begins with "Tech is for Anybody!" - Tara Hernandez '89, Google


In celebration of bright futures and careers ahead for our resilient students, the Alumni & Development office has launched a virtual a career day speaker series. This month, on Oct. 27th, the students will hear from Tara Hernandez '89, who is currently a senior engineering manager at Google.

Tara Hernandez ‘89, a senior engineering manager at Google, is a specialist in software engineering infrastructure and was an early promoter of what came to be known as the Continuous Integration revolution (software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently).

Prior to Google, she was the manager of the Netscape Release and DevTools team where she helped launch and the newly open sourced browser as well as the corresponding developer tool stack: Bugzilla, Tinderbox, and Bonsai. Tara has helped numerous companies evolve their development organizations and is rejoicing at the emergence of DevOps (set of practices that combines software development and IT operations).

In addition to her day job at Google managing Anthos and Serverless developer programs and engineering teams, Tara is on the Technical Oversight Committee for the Continuous Delivery Foundation, is a member of the board for Women Who Code, and hosts the 'Women Who Code Radio' podcast.