Spring Musical - The Wizard of Oz

Posted by Margaux '17 on 5/12/2016

Just a few weekends ago, Villanova's performing arts program finished up its spring production of The Wizard of Oz. Countless weeks of work culminated in four beautiful performances open to students, faculty, and community members. As a junior, I have loved every minute I've been able to spend on stage at Villanova and I was so sad to finish up my second-to-last Nova musical. I love the family that forms during a show. We form a community of actors, actresses, singers, and dancers, even if some of the cast wouldn’t have identified themselves as that previously. The tight-knit community formed by being in a small, private school is intensified when you participate in something like theater, sports, or a club, and it's something I wouldn't give up for the world.

When I first came to Villanova, I turned an immediate focus to the amphitheater. As much as I had loved my tiny, Catholic elementary and middle school, the one thing I never got to do during the school year was theater. I had done countless productions in summer programs, but I was excited to see what opportunities high school theater was going to bring. Now for any future students doubting the beauty of our quaint amphitheater, I’m here to share some knowledge as both a performer and an attendee of our outdoor performances.

1. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the sun set behind a performance.

It adds an extra layer of scenery to the pre-constructed set. It reminds the audience how lucky we are to be in Southern California with our mountains and our oak trees and our pink moments; (which if you haven't experienced yet, are truly beautiful points in the sunset where everything is beautifully pink).

Villanova Prep Spring Musical

2. Cold brings people together.

I love the camp-out atmosphere of attending a performance in the amphitheater. Everyone brings their blankets, chairs, sleeping bags, and jackets and we all settle in to watch our friends perform.

3. Nature is pretty awesome.

I would never call myself a nature-fanatic, but I truly enjoy the time I get to spend outside during the musical performances and practices. There’s something soothing about seeing the night sky form above you, and it's a much-needed stress reliever during a crazy time of year.

For anyone interested in performing arts, try out! No experience necessary. We form a show together and we’re here to help each other. I love every second I’ve spent with my friends practicing or supporting other performers and I wouldn't give my experiences up for anything.