Retreats are an integral part of student life. You will enjoy going on two retreats each year alongside your class. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to grow in self-knowledge and deepen your individual relationships with God and others. Retreats will be a time for you to step back, examine your life, and bond with your peers.

    Villanova offers students the opportunity to deepen their faith and explore our core values of Unity, Truth, and Love through our retreats each year.


    GRADE 09

    Freshmen Overnight Retreat 

    Field Trip to the LA Religious Education Conference

    GRADE 10

    Sophomore Day Retreat 

    Field Trip to Homeboy Industries

    GRADE 11

    Kairos Retreat

    GRADE 12

    Senior Hike: Los Padres National Forest to Piedra Blanca

    Senior Overnight Retreat in Malibu


    In addition to retreats with your class, each year we also send students to the Student Augustinian Values Institute (SAVI) Retreat at one of the eight Augustinian secondary schools in North America. Students selected for SAVI are sophomore leaders who attend the institute in order to improve their understanding of our core values. Students are also encouraged to sign up for the San Diego Service Trip, a service-learning retreat where students volunteer and reflect on a variety of topics as well as build community.


    SAVI 6.0