Villanova Preparatory School students project our positive school image. Our dress code is designed to reflect self-respect, pride, good judgment, and awareness of dress appropriate to place and action. All student attire must be neat, clean, modest, not torn, in good taste, and based on the values of Catholic education. Our dress code is in effect for students between the ringing of the first block period bell until the end of the last class each school day. After school, students may choose to be out of the regular dress code, but they must remain neat, clean, modest and in good taste. In all matters regarding dress code, final decisions rest with our school administration.


    Outerwear (jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts)

    • Villanova wear (must be Villanova logoed sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets or coats – a college / university may be worn by seniors).
    • Hats may not be worn indoors.

    Spirit Day Dress

    • Friday’s and other designated “spirit days” are meant to show off your Villanova school spirit.
    • If a student wears official Villanova logo-wear (T-Shirts or Sweatshirts) they may also wear denim pants or official Villanova warm-up pants.
    • Spirit wear must be visible


    Game Day Dress

    • Official Villanova athletic jerseys or warm-up top may be worn except on Mass days.
    • Official Villanova warm-up pants or sweatpants may be worn.


    Special Events

    • Wildcat Day dances and class retreats have special dress codes, and the information is given at the appropriate time.


    Short shorts, yoga pants, tights (only) and tank tops are not appropriate for school activities, the only exception may be Beach Day.  These items should not be worn on campus or to school-sponsored activities including but not limited to dances or Wildcat Day.

    Students will be checked each morning during homeroom and sent to the office. If in violation of the dress code, they will return only when they are in compliance. This will be deemed as an unexcused class absence.