• Hair shall be in a natural color.
    • Girls may wear moderate makeup, earrings, and jewelry.
    • No other body jewelry as a result of piercing is permitted, no exposed tattoos.




    • Official Villanova polo or button down shirt.
    • Shirts may be ordered through the Villanova website, purchased as part of an athletics spirit pack, or purchased through an approved Villanova spirit wear sale.
    • Shirts may not be cropped and must be long enough to prevent revealing the mid-section at any time.

    Pants, Capri Pants, Bermuda shorts and Skirts

    • Only fabric that is cotton twill, corduroy or dress style
    • Must be worn at the waist and not be denim or denim looking material or elastic/spandex material.
    • Skirts: must be loose and flowy in style (no fitted, stretchy, or spandex material), and no shorter than 4 inches above the knee (no see-through material)
    • Shorts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee and not stretchy or spandex material 


    • Closed heel, closed toe
    • Socks may not go over the knee
    • Stockings must be solid and no fishnet material


    Clothing, styles, or inappropriate self-expression that are extreme (for example, shorts/ skirts/pants/shirts/blouses that are tight, low-rise, or see-through material) are not permitted. 



    • Skirts that come to the knee or longer.
    • Dresses that come to the knee or longer (midi length).  Must have sleeves
    • Full length or midi length dress pants or pantsuits (no denim material of any kind).
    • Blouse (Oxford style) or sweater with sleeves, and an appropriate neckline. (no see-through material, no sleeveless shirts, low cut necklines need an undershirt)
    • Clean dress shoes or sneakers with enclosed heel or back strap (no sandals, athletic shoes, or heels higher than 3”).
    • Solid color stockings without designs are permitted (no fishnet).