We are a part of the Catholic religious order which traces its origins to St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430). With this in mind, Villanova Preparatory School promotes St. Augustine's ideal of a community where its members are “of one mind and heart on the way towards God.” An Augustinian approach to education seeks to create a community context in which learning can flourish. As an Augustinian school, Villanova Preparatory School is part of an international network of schools and universities in 38 countries worldwide.

    But what we do find and what grounds Augustinian education, are the unifying values that come from a reflection of his life and teachings. These values are the overarching and integrative values of Augustinian education, and Villanova Preparatory School. Briefly, they are:

    Community (Unitas)

    With an understanding of the profound unity of all creatures, based on creation by God and re-creation in Christ, our community strives to express this reality in service of the common good, respect for differences, and welcome to a diversity of cultures and talents.

    Truth (Veritas)

    We are rooted in the truth known by reason and faith about ourselves and the world with knowledge that God is the source of all truth. With faith and reason, like two great wings, we fly to Truth.

    Love (Caritas)

    The great commandment of Christ is love of God and neighbor. He tells us, “God is love.” The school community attempts to express Christ’s commandment through “active friendship” which moves the heart and mind to action, often with sacrifice, for the good of others and of the community.