In the Augustinian tradition, the Mission of Villanova Preparatory School is to graduate mature young adults of diverse backgrounds who reflect the qualities of truth, unity, and love. The school does this by providing a challenging college preparatory curriculum and Catholic environment that promote the development of mind, heart and body. These young adults will think, judge, and act in ways that are sound and in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ.



    A student that lives out the core value of Unity, who(se):

    Understands, values, and appreciates diversity in the community.
    Negotiates problems and conflicts with peaceful resolutions.
    Is prayerful and reflective.
    Teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration are used to achieve goals.
    Yearns to assume leadership and responsibility within one's community.

    A student that lives out the core value of Truth, who(se):

    Thinks critically, soundly, and logically.
    Resilience is evident in the face of challenge and risk.
    Understands, synthesizes, and solves problems with ingenuity and creativity.
    Time management skills are effectively developed.
    Has an intellectual curiosity and love of learning.

    A student that lives out the core value of Love, who(se):

    Lives and appreciates the Gospel and Augustinian values and the teachings of Jesus Christ.
    Openness and respectfulness of other cultural and faith traditions is evident.
    Values social justice and service to the community.
    Engages in developing and maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit.