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Our college prep curriculum offers a breadth of opportunities to foster the intellectual achievement of each student. Small class size and highly qualified and dedicated faculty encourage academic excellence. Although the curriculum is rigorous, students view Villanova as a friendly and engaging place. Teachers are available daily for after school tutoring and welcome the opportunity to offer academic support.

Villanova students are encouraged to work to their highest potential, achieve strong college preparatory skills, and gain a broad knowledge in the humanities, arts, and sciences.
We consistently place students into many of the top colleges and universities in the nation.

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Villanova's Courses and catalog

We operate on the semester system and students take seven courses each year. Our course catalog features honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and International Baccalaureate (IB) course offerings, so that students will be able to test themselves in a supportive, yet intellectually challenging, small-school learning environment. Our students are encouraged to develop a range of skills for critical thinking and self-expression and to mature into socially active global citizens. With this in mind, our academic curriculum enables students to become college ready within a Catholic, Augustinian values-based, education.

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Graduation Requirements

- English 4 units
- Mathematics 3 units (4 recommended)
- Foreign Language 3 units (or completion of 3rd level) of the same language
- Science 3 units (4 recommended)
- Social Science 3 units
- Religion 4 units
- Fine Arts 1 unit
- P.E. 0.5 units
- Health 0.5 units
- Electives 5 units
- Community Service (meet yearly requirements)

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graduate outcomes

A Villanova graduate is ideally:

A values-educated individual who...

• Shows love of self and others through commitment to family and community.
• Has a strong sense of self-worth and conducts her/himself within a truthful, moral codeGives service to the Villanova and extended community.
• Understands and acknowledges the teachings of Jesus Christ while being respectful of other religions and cultures.
• Promotes social justice and peace for all.
• Seeks to grow spirituality.

A critical and conceptual thinker who...

• Demonstrates mastery of Villanova’s core curriculum.
• Thinks logically and makes sound choices while remaining open to new challenges and change.
• Can read, comprehend, analyze, and evaluate increasingly complex material.
• Can access, evaluate, and use information and is confident in solving problems.
• Can effectively apply and synthesize material and skills developed across the curriculum.
• Can efficiently use and adapt to changing technology

An effective communicator who...

• Reads, writes, listens, and speaks effectively.
• Clearly expresses ideas and thoughts supported by rationale, while remaining open to other points of view.
• Organizes materials for presentation to various and diverse audiences.

A self-directed/lifelong learner who...

• Has developed effective time management skills.
Has a sense of intellectual curiosity and a  of learning.
• Is able to set priorities and achieve goals.
• Has the necessary skills needed to continue learning.
• Is able to adapt effectively to changing conditions and situations.
• Is aware of a healthy lifestyle.

A socially and globally aware person who...

• Understands and lives the Gospel values and appreciates diversity in their society and other cultures.
• Is a good citizen who is committed to social justice and community.
• Takes personal responsibility for the good of all.
• Understands and values the democratic process.
• Understands and participates in the political process