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Experience Villanova
Join Us for a Visit to Our 130-acre Campus

Nestled in the picturesque Ojai Valley, Villanova Prep has provided a safe, peaceful, beautiful campus for students to enjoy for 100 years.

Along the valley, numerous intimate boutique hotels, inns, and resorts await. We extend a warm invitation to all applicants to come stay, experience Ojai, and experience our sprawling 130-acre campus in this stunning locale.

Visit Ojai, CA

For an on-campus tour

We love to show off our beautiful campus and smiling students! Please wear shoes to allow for a full loop around our historic quad. An on-campus tour takes about 30-45 minutes.

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For an on-campus interview

Already visited Villanova and just looking to meet with a member of the Admissions Team? All local students are encouraged to hold their interview in-person and on-campus. Come visit! 

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For an online interview through Zoom

Please use the below link to schedule an online Zoom interview with our Admissions Team.

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Virtual Tour

Participate in a virtual tour of campus through 360-degree photos. Don't miss the pool, the science labs, and the historic lobby of the boys dorm! 

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