• Planned Giving

    Generations of donors since 1924 have helped to sustain the traditions that define the Villanova Preparatory School experience. Planned gifts are an essential part of the school's long-term financial future and over time have helped to shape the Villanova of today.

    In addition to taking full advantage of the personal benefits you can realize now with planned giving; including valuable tax benefits, augmented income for you and another beneficiary, diversifying your investments and even the possibility of making a larger gift than would otherwise be possible, you can create a legacy for the future. Always consult with your attorney to determine the best way to document your gift intentions.

    A variety of planned gift instruments exist but, in general, there are two primary ways to include Villanova Preparatory School in your estate plans: Estate or Will.

    Villanova cherishes the many individuals, families, and organizations who make financial commitments to furthering our mission. We thank you!

    We invite donors to consider leaving a Legacy Gift to Villanova Preparatory School with a meaningful financial gift in your estate plan.

    Click here for the Letter of Intent for a Future Estate Gift


    Naming Villanova Preparatory School as a Beneficiary

    Contributions to your retirement plan are made on a pre-tax basis so when withdrawals are made by you or your heirs taxes are due. One way to spare your heirs of this expense is to leave taxable assets such as IRAs and 401(k) or 403(b) plans to a charitable beneficiary and non-taxable items such as cash, investments, or real property to individual beneficiaries. Villanova Preparatory School is a non-profit entity so funds left to the school are tax-exempt.

    Contact your retirement plan administrator for the proper beneficiary designation form. You will also need the school’s address and tax identification number (TIN), also referred to as an employer identification number (EIN).

    Villanova Preparatory School
    12096 N. Ventura Ave.
    Ojai, CA 93023
    Tax ID number: EIN/ID #95-1641972