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Villanova’s Resident Program is home to students from all over the world. The international nature of our community is an exciting place to call home.

California is a beautiful backdrop to Villanova student experiences. Besides all the academic supports built into the program for resident students, Villanova's dorm team has numerous planned activities in place to help students experience growth opportunities outside the classroom and off campus as well. Programming in the Resident Program is aimed at creating a vibrant and robust culture of unity, truth, and love. Study Hall is a safe space to ask tutors and teachers questions, work with yoru friends on class projects, and to get homework done before lights out. Sports build student's confidence and strengthen friendships. Trips take residents off campus for community building and for greater experiences of California culture.

International day

One of the most popular special events year after year at Villanova is International Day! The entire VPS community celebrates International Day, an annual tradition, with students representing their countries and sharing cultural traditions. In 2023 there were twelve countries represented through traditional cultural foods and performances. This vibrant celebration showcased the rich tapestry of diversity within our school community, fostering cross-cultural understanding and global awareness among our students. It was a day filled with appreciation for the global perspectives that enrich our educational experience at Villanova Preparatory School, reminding us that our differences are what make us stronger together. International Day not only celebrated the unique cultures of our students but also emphasized the importance of unity, respect, and the value of embracing a global perspective in today's interconnected world.

Extracurricular activities 

Our students enthusiastically engage in a wide array of extracurricular activities, embracing opportunities to explore their passions and develop new skills outside the classroom. From sports teams to academic clubs, fine arts ensembles to community service initiatives, our students build lasting friendships while honing leadership. These extracurricular experiences enrich their lives and reinforce the values of unity, truth, and love that define our Augustinian tradition.

- Trips to Museum
- Trips to Los Angeles
- Musical Theater
- Other excursions. 

Student Retreats 

At Villanova Preparatory School, student retreats are a cherished tradition. These retreats offer students the chance to step away, reflect, and grow. Whether focusing on faith or personal development, these experiences are transformative, fostering a strong sense of community and deepening their connection to our Augustinian values.

Catholic Services 

At Villanova Preparatory School, Catholic services are an integral part of our students' spiritual journey. We embrace our Augustinian tradition, emphasizing the importance of community and reflection. Students actively participate in Masses, prayer services, and various liturgical events throughout the year. These experiences not only strengthen their faith but also instill a sense of responsibility to serve others. Our commitment to Catholic services fosters an environment where students can explore their spirituality, deepen their connection with God, and live out the core values of love, truth, and unity that define our educational community.

International students meet Catholic education 

At Villanova Preparatory School, international students come together to experience the depth of Catholic education while celebrating their diverse backgrounds. This unique blend of cultures fosters an inclusive community that embraces unity, love, and truth, core values of our Augustinian tradition. Through this global experience, international students develop as compassionate, open-minded individuals prepared for an interconnected world.