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All Students graduating from Villanova Preparatory School are expected to engage in Christian Service. Rooted in Augustinian values, this program calls students to be Christlike leaders by serving marginalized communities. By engaging in Christian Service, students have the opportunity for personal growth, community involvement, and development of compassion for others. 

All Villanova students are responsible for completing 20 hours of Christian service each year they attend. All 20 service hours are due by the end of the fourth quarter. These hours are categorized into direct and indirect hours. Additionally, each student will participate in a 21-service project on Service Day. Students who miss Service Day will make up the project by completing an additional 5 hours of indirect service. 

Students complete both direct and indirect services. Direct service requires students to work directly with the populations served, through volunteer encounters that directly impact those marginalized by society. All other hours not directly engaging with people marginalized by society are classified as indirect services. All service must be done at an organization that has been pre-approved by Campus Ministry.

Direct Hours

A minimum of 10 hours a student serves will be direct hours. These are hours completed off campus in the local community. Students are expected to identify a genuine need in the community, educate themselves on the need, and engage in meaningful service to address that need.

Indirect Hours:

A maximum of 10 hours a student serves can be indirect hours. These hours may be fulfilled through clubs, helping teachers or other staff on campus, giving tours, etc. Students are required to complete a Christian Service Hour Reflection paper at the conclusion of their hours. These reflection papers will be completed in student’s Theology classes where the Theology teachers will provide a reflection prompt. Students who exceed the minimum hours in quantity, quality, and variety of service may be considered for a Christian Service Award at the end of the academic year along with a Service Award from the Archdiocese from Los Angeles.


All students record their service hours on MobileServe. This is a way for students to keep track of how many hours they have completed.  It also allows students to seek out service hour opportunities either outside or within the Villanova community.

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