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Villanova student's love the diverse campus community. Villanova works diligently to attract students from around the world who are the right fit for our dedication to exciting academics, fun-filled athletics, and heartfelt traditions. Our need-based financial aid system is in place to aid families for whom tuition costs are an obstacle to obtaining that 'Villanova Experience'.

Financial aid awards are based on demonstrated financial need, which is determined through a financial aid application process. Financial aid is an annual award, and families are required to apply each year. To assist in this process, Villanova enlists an unbiased third party (the online system called "SSS") to securely collect your financial aid application and supporting documents. Information collected includes assets, income, expenses and debts.

how to apply for financial aid

The Financial Aid Committee reviews applications in February of each year. Decision notifications for all financial aid applications are completed at the same time as an admission decision whenever possible to allow a family to have financial information when making their decision about enrolling in Villanova.

Financial Aid Applications

Following the submission of a financial aid application, Nancy Ventura, the Director of Financial Affairs, meets individually with each family who has been accepted to Villanova and has requested financial aid.  This meeting helps us to understand each family's unique situation when assessing financial need and determining financial aid.

"SSS" financial aid

All domestic financial aid applicants use the inline SSS system to fill out their application. The email used to create this account will be the primary contact for communication regarding financial aid.

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international student financial aid

Please fill out and return with support documentation such as recently filed taxes, bank statements, and paystubs as applicable.

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Family Budget Worksheet for Financial aid

The Financial Aid Committee may request this additional budget worksheet be submitted. Please download and return to Director of Financial Affairs, Ms. Nancy Ventura, at

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Villanova makes every effort to meet the needs of all eligible applicants. However, decisions are influenced by the availability of school resources, the number of qualified applicants, and overall budgetary constraints.

Villanova actively seeks students with academic promise and a range of talents, skills and interests and we believe that financial status shouldn’t stop the student from attending.  Villanova uses the online analysis system of School and Student Services (SSS) to assess need. The school defines “need” as the difference between the total cost of attendance at Villanova and a family’s ability to pay that cost. The need assessment is based upon a comprehensive set of factors including income and family expenses, assets and liabilities, family size, cost of living and the number of children for whom a family must pay tuition.  

If you are uncertain about your eligibility for aid or have questions about the process, we urge you to contact the Admission office at (805)-646-1464.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our families considering and interested in their student attending Villanova Prep have similar questions and concerns about financial aid.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility for aid or have questions about the process, we urge you to contact the Admission office at (805)-646-1464.

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