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Villanova is passionate about the written word and sharing our love of literature with our students. Our students are exposed to major works of literature, both classic and contemporary, encompassing various literary genres, including the short story, novel, autobiography, expository essay, poetry, rhetoric, and drama. The first two years of English instruction focus on an exploration of genres, while the latter two years focus on literature through historical survey.

We educate our students to be clear and effective communicators of the English language both as speakers and as writers. College Prep and Honors English courses are available at all grade levels.

Outside of the classroom, students who love English Language Arts are able to participate in creative writing clubs, the Poetry Out Loud competition, and meet with our three beloved English faculty members after school Monday-Friday during Office Hours.

We aim to graduate students who are critical thinkers and who are also lifelong readers, users, and lovers of the written word.

Fine Arts

Villanova offers a dynamic and growing fine arts department that introduces all students to human expression through participation in drama, music, film, and art. Every student spends a year pursuing visual or performing arts during their career at Villanova. Our students put on two major productions a year, participating in every aspect of these productions, on stage or behind the scenes as a set designer or AV team member.

Our art courses explore a wide variety of mediums; drawing, painting, and other visual expressions allow our art students to truly “see.” Offerings include graphic design, digital photography, film production, publications, and college-level IB art courses. Our expanding music program offers students the opportunity to express themselves creatively through music; from a digital music production class to our Chorale Ensemble which exposes students to a vast and exciting variety of musical genres.

Our fine arts curriculum is designed so that every student can find their place in the creative arts. Our fine arts students move towards a greater confidence in the joy of creative ability as well as acquire an understanding and deep appreciation for the beauty and expression of the human spirit.

Foreign Language Department

Language, Culture, Global awareness—the mission of Villanova’s Language Department is to provide quality education in both modern and classical languages, respect for other cultures and nations, as well as a deeper understanding of how we as individuals communicate with one another and how we fit into a global community. Our language courses in Spanish, Latin and French provide unique opportunities for students to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking the language with resources, such as our language lab.

Learning a language can be both exciting and insightful. At Villanova, we emphasize both as we strive to bring our students to a language proficiency that will better prepare them for active participation within our global community.

History and Social
Science Department

Villanova students acquire an appreciation for the events and lessons of the past, a firm grasp of reasoning and practice in inquiry and research, and effective methods for expressing and defending their ideas. We prepare students to identify, understand, and work to solve problems facing our diverse nation in an increasingly interdependent world.

Through the study of Modern History, U.S. History, Psychology, Sociology, Civics, and Economics, we teach our students how to develop an understanding and appreciation of the contributions that diverse civilizations and cultures have made throughout history and the impact they have had on the development of democratic ideals.

Mathematics Department

Our mathematics department provides a course of study that provides a sound basis for continued study in college and beyond. Students begin in one of  three levels of integrated math courses in 9th grade, continue on their track in one of three levels in 10th grade, and are then able to choose between college-level AP and IB courses as upper classmen.

Our mathematics students will develop a proficiency in the use of various mathematical techniques as tools in problem solving, working with one of our four math department faculty members.

Villanova graduates have developed logical thinking and manipulative skills necessary to obtain solutions. Our mathematics students will be helped to become rational thinkers, capable of applying abstract concepts to real-world problems, a primary skill needed to cope successfully in a world of rapid change.

Religion Department

All of our students take religion courses during their time at Villanova. Our religion courses offer broad opportunities for students to engage actively with their peers on the fundamental questions of human existence. With adult guidance and spiritual mentoring, students deal with real life issues in through small group discussions and activities, field trips, or projects correlated with the religion curriculum.

Freshmen will focus mainly on Biblical studies follow and focus on the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures). Sophomores continue their biblical studies in Religion 10 with New Testament followed by study of prayer, worship, and the sacraments of Roman Catholics and other Christians. Religion 11 explores ethics, inclusive of Villanova student's diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Seniors at Villanova pursue their interests in the World Religions course.

Science Department

Villanova's science curriculum stresses problem solving through the application of the Scientific Method. We offer science education that reaches beyond conceptual understanding to evaluation and application through laboratory experiments which are often designed by the students as a response to a problem.

All science classes are taught in a lab setting; our three science faculty members offer courses at general College Prep, AP, and IB levels. Students have options including Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Marine Science, and Physics.