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why boarding?

Villanova’s Resident Program provides a safe and happy home for its members with support from resident life staff, student prefects and academic advisors and counselors. Your child will benefit from being in an international community that is grounded in the Faith and tradition of Saint Augustine and his teachings. We welcome students from all faiths and cultures and see that there is inherent dignity and worth in each and every young soul.  As Saint Augustine said, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord…and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” We help to guide the development of young hearts and minds, foster academic and emotional growth and attempt to help the young and restless heart find peace and direction during their life at Villanova and beyond. 

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Catholic Mission

The resident program at Villanova welcomes students from many different backgrounds, countries and faiths. Founded on rich Catholic Augustinian tradition, the Resident Program seeks to form the mind, body and soul of each of its residents. Augustinian Education regards education as an essentially pastoral activity with regard to the whole and integral development of a young person’s mind, spirit, and body. Villanova Preparatory School, in the spirit of St. Augustine, attempts to model the truth with love, and strives to enable our students to acquire a knowledge of the world, the faith, and humanity that is illumined by the Catholic faith.