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The Vision and Values of
Augustinian Education

“The specific purpose of our schools is the Christian formation and education of the students. It follows that this apostolate should always be regarded as an essentially pastoral activity, so that we teach the truth with love, and the students acquire, along with a humanistic and scientific culture, a knowledge of the world, of life, and of humanity that is illumined by faith.” (Const.n.179).

In using the term education, we are speaking of a global reality that embraces the whole person and involves the entire educational community. As a global reality it contributes to the development of the multiple dimensions of the human personality. In other words, an education which transmits culture in an honest way, does not neglect the substance of the faith and, as well as that, awakens social responsibility.

In order to make clear the Augustinian purpose in the educational field, it is necessary to have a community that radiates our spirit with its whole heart. Thus education is imparted by the activity of a community which professes and proclaims certain specific values. This community has as its inspiration the bountiful wellspring of Augustine. This is the nourishing source and, at the same time, the ultimate horizon of our education.

Augustinian pedagogy – our teaching style

In contrast to a directive pedagogy, which would foster passivity and dependence, St. Augustine imagined the human being as a seed capable of development. “God would like to sow in every soul the seeds of intelligence, of wisdom”

The function of the external master (parents, educators...) must be to channel the release of this hidden potential. That intimate place, which is made up of feelings, restless-ness, and search, is precisely where St. Augustine locates the encounter with God (Ena.74,9).

The Augustinians were invited to San Diego in 1922 and established St. Augustine High School and took on pastoral care of St. Vincent’s parish in Mission Hills (a year later they moved to St. Patrick’s parish, North Park). They came to Ojai in 1924 and founded Villanova Preparatory School and accepted pastoral care for St. Thomas Aquinas parish.

The Order of St. Augustian